Young Zel

Denzel “Young Zel” Joyce, born April 30, 1992 in Stockton, CA. Zel lived in Stockton until he was 8 years old. Now in Sacramento, CA his rap sound has a perfect blend of the California style. He first started when he was about 7 years old and start recording in actual studio at the age of 13. Young Zel is an extremely versatile artist. He can get the party started, but at the same time he can give you a tear-jerker at any moment. Young Zel has made multiple Sacramento kings songs that has received thousands of downloads and was actually applauded by the kings organization. He was in a local competition on 97.7 kwin where his song “My Money FT. Nifty was in the top spot for 2 weeks. Young Zel has put out several mixtapes and is currently getting set to release an EP called “Reinvest”. His sound shows ups and downs just like any person’s life which gives him the ability to have people relate to what he says. Young Zel is someone who is dedicated, self-motivated and just an overall fun and a good person to be around. ¬†Young Zel is really close with his family and they are the reason why he pursues this as a career rather than a hobby. You can also purchase Young Zel’s latest and new song “on my colla” on itunes now.