Un Amour Band

By April 10, 2018Music Artists
Un Amour Band Pic


Un Amour band picture

Un Amour Band is a new all-original music tribe from Northern California. A blend of reggae, rock, and island-style dance funk, with evolved lyrics and powerful messages. The 10-member band includes a live horn section, chilling vocal harmonies, 2 drummers, and a wall of sound for a great show.

Un Amour Band is made up of talented, dedicated musicians/healers committed to humanity plus projects raising consciousness on a global level.

Un Amour Band is designed specifically for the world-wide music festival circuit and is perfect in any setting.
Un Amour Band’s live show has intelligent choreographed lighting, psychedelic graphic videos for big screens, and automated electronic effects timed to the music.

Un Amour Band is a unique, headline quality band.

UAB group pic