Tanna Who

Lotanna Thomas, also known as her artist name “Tanna Who”, is a 23-year-old hiphop artist based out of California. Born December 17, 1994. Tanna has always had a passion and love for music and theater arts. She started her career with acting in school plays. After the sudden death of her grandfather she moved from Fairfield, Ca to Katy, Tx. Which brought her a great opportunity, she landed a role in an Oscar Mayer commercial. At the age 11 she began to do stage plays to raise awareness for HIV. Tanna then decided to further her career she loved to be on stage. She went to various casting calls and auditions. She was offered a role with Disney Channel which she had to turn down due to her grandmother’s cancer. After her grandmother passed away in 2007 she became homeless. Although she struggled with homelessness she still strived towards becoming an actress and musician. It was her passion. At the age of 14 she began writing books and stage plays and also recorded her own music and created a YouTube channel which later featured herself recorded songs “S.T.U.P.I. D” and “Lollipop”. Tanna went to a lot of functions to network, but unfortunately never found any business contenders, or came across any performance offers. One night watching tv with family she learned about a show called “The Voice” and thought that it would be a great way to showcase her talent. So, she took a trip to L.A. and auditioned. She sang India Irie “I Am Not My Hair”, but unfortunately didn’t make the cut. A few months later in 2011 she purchased beats from T Carrier formerly known as Smoovie Baby which She later Created her hit singles “Betty Crocker” and “Still Wet” in 2017.