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Hello I am Sughn. Music has saved my life in so many ways. I started writing at the age 10 when I found it hard to deal with the struggle of the abuse I received as a child. I battled with anxiety, depression, and many insecurities so I started writing music and listening to music. Some of my favorite artists such as Aaliyah, The Fray, Lifehouse, Paramore, and Second-Hand Serenade were a gate away into another life. As I got older I started to learn and play the guitar. The guitar really gave out this mellow tone that shifted my emotion in ways I couldn’t explain. Lyrics always flowed out of my brain when I would play. I started experimenting with more music and genres. I developed an eating disorder at the age of 14 and for the next 4 years I struggled with my self-image because of the want to be “beautiful” and “skinny”. After being bullied at school I eventually enrolled in homeschool. I remember instead of doing homework on the computer, I would look at guitar and piano tutorials of my favorite artist.  I remember being so sad, but music was like the drug that made life living. Scrolling on the web I eventually stumbled upon different genres such as Bon Iver and Daughter.  Those two bands instantly became my inspiration and a big part of my life. The tones and the instruments that were used in their music captivated my soul. I really wanted to create music that would make me FEEL. I always believed that was the best type of music. Music that makes you cry but aids in that release of emotion that you hold in, therefore being therapy. Music that made you want to roll your body therefore making you feel sexy, music that made you fall in love even deeper if you were already in love. What I discovered was that music had no rules, just like everyone’s individual life, every artist’s way of creating was their own way. Who says you can’t put a banjo in an indie ambient song because I did that, and it worked out. Who says a viola can’t be in an R&B song because it can! Instruments are like languages that literally speaks, and they spoke to my heart. Music aided in my want to heal. The more I wrote, the more I sang, and the more I sang, the more I created, and the more I created, the more I healed. I want to aid everyone with the healing power of music. I want my music to heal those who have mental illness, relationship problems, or self-insecurities. I want to be the reason someone lives another day, loves themselves or check into therapy. Because life can be so hard. I still to this day struggle with insecurities, self-doubt, and depression. I’m not one to say I have it all figured out but that’s the thing! I want the people who listen to me to get me in my rawest form, in my most human form, and know that it’s ok to not be ok sometimes. That we all have the power to heal and to love one another in the process. A lot of the music on my EP is inspired by a breakup I went through. I was hurting a lot and I didn’t know any other way to express what I was feeling other than in my music. I was so conflicted because I found myself only writing sad songs but in it was the honest truth of what I was going through, so I went with it. I wanted even the sad songs to inspire. In society today, so many people are giving the same relationship advice, as if every relationship is the same but that is far from the truth, there is always factors. Like no one really talks when you’re in a relationship with someone with mental illness, or someone struggling with depression etc. that’s never talked about in music. A lot of my songs will be in the minds of two people who struggle with mental illness and what goes on in their minds as they struggle to love each other. I hope you enjoy my music and I hope I can help someone. Seeing my art through other people’s eyes is truly a dream come true. I hope to continue to be a voice. Peace and love SUGHN

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