Solarrio walking down a well lit street

Solarrio is an artist/producer based out of Berlin.  Born in Paris to Argentinian and Russian parents, he has lived in Berlin, Boston & Chicago. His music has a very international feel, mixing different influences and genres to create something unique.  His vocal style is somewhat reminiscent of Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode, as well as other 80’s pop singers.  As a producer (fka KD Supier) he worked with some of Germany’s biggest rappers over the last decade.
He released his first 2 EPs in 2017 as well as a slew of singles.  His latest, “No Substitute” is a fun, danceable tune that is sure to be stuck in your head once you hear it.
He also executive produced BlackLion’s “Keep on Grinding” album and First Name Shayne’s self-titled EP.
He’s currently working on numerous projects so there shouldn’t be any shortage of new music anytime soon.

Solarrio sitting down