Smooth N'eight

Born Nathaniel Shula, aka “Smooth N’eight”, is an upcoming rap artist raised in the mean streets of Richmond, CA. Growing up in the Bay Area wasn’t always easy for Smooth N’eight, as a young kid his father was a victim of a shooting incident that left his father paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of his life. During Smooth N’eight’s teenager years he and his family temporarily moved to Atlanta Georgia, and that’s when he adopted the affection for being a hip-hop rap artist. Smooth N’eight and his sister “Char”, would often freestyle battle against each other to get both of their rapping skills tightened up.

In 2012, during a “Madd Felon”, and “Rukus 1”, video shoot, Smooth N’eight was introduced to Cleophas “The Madd Felon” McDonald, through his uncle who was a longtime associate of “The Madd Felon”. Madd Felon, also grew up in Richmond, CA around Smooth N’eight’s family and even attended the same high school with Smooth N’eight’s mother. Madd Felon, would eventually sign Smooth N’eight, to an artist deal with It’z Whateva Ent. Smooth N’eight, and Madd Felon, formed, and are currently, the rap duo “IweSquad”.

Smooth N’eight/(IweSquad), has opened for headliner acts like “E-40,” “Sage The Gemini”, “Iamsu”, “Nef The Pharaoh”, “T-Pain”, “J Stalin”, “Berner”, “Too Short”, and “Philty Rich”, just to name a few.

Smooth N’eight has performed at major events in front of thousands in attendance at “X Fest Modesto”, “X Fest Stockton”, “Califesto”, “Lucky Fest” and “The Summoning”.
Smooth N’eight is also the cousin of “Tay Way”, who had the viral hit single “Fuck It Up”, so you know greatness was bound to connect with him throughout the Hip Hop music industry.