Nigerian-born, California-raised, Paulitical migrated over to the states when he was Just 8 years old. Couple years later he was introduced to his first taste of Hip-hop via Akon and was instantly hooked. From there, he discovered Eminem, 50 Cent and rappers of the like and he would always try to emulate their raps as if he wrote them. When he turned 13, Paulitical figured out how to record himself and how to put his raps on the internet; 7 years later nothing’s changed.  He began making beats also at around 15 but thought it was too complicated, so he was off & on with that.

Paulitical says his biggest inspiration when it comes to this music thing is J. Cole. He just relates to his music so much and can’t help but feel like he made some songs specifically for just him. For example, every verse on “Farewell” off Friday Night Lights are literally the thoughts that pass through his mind on the daily.

In high school he thought he was going to make it to the league just like every other black boy growing up, but it just didn’t call to him the way hip-hop did. So around senior year going into college, he decided he was just going to put his head down and attack this full force. He learned how to properly mix/master himself, make beats, even edit videos and has just been grinding ever since. He is a comms major at Sacramento State where he met his go-to producer M.E.B.A & they’re both going into their third year now. Paulitical plans on running his own entertainment company someday.