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In order for us to know how Lucid became the band that they are today, we must first venture back in time to a point where the dream was slowly becoming a reality. In the heart of Sacramento, California, a determined drummer, (Matt Lomas) met a disciplined keyboard player, (Tim Towne) and together they embarked on a journey like no other. Lomas’ intricate and precise style of drumming accompanied by his extensive blues background meshed so well with Towne’s epic and melodic playing of only two years, that they had no choice but to start a project. After building a great amount of musical chemistry together while simultaneously becoming great friends, Matt and Tim began to audition people to form a band.

Little did they know less than a 15-minute drive away from them was another talented ¬†¬†musician who had been yearning for a chance to play with a band for some time. Through a mutual friend, the singer/keyboard player (Stuart Sower) was invited to audition for and jam with Matt and Tim. Stuart brought a charismatic funk to the trio and his R&B and Reggae composition background ever present, made it a lot easier to be open minded and creative with what they dished out at him. Stuart was chosen as their front man who was emanating the very “root” of the love for music. Stuart captured the bands attention and hearts through his one of a kind talent. These three created a solid foundation for what type of music was to be played in the infamous Lomas living room, and that was ALL KINDS! No discrimination, just pure love of good sounds.

A few weeks later, we found the last member to fulfill the missing voids in the band. This member is named Cody Quackenbush. Cody also is involved in the jazz program, he currently sings in the ARC Vocal Jazz Ensemble, and is a multi-instrumentalist. Cody engaged extreme chemistry with us. Everyone is working hard to achieve their dreams and aspirations to inspire the world around them; just like their favorite bands have inspired them. With a collective vision and strong sense of brotherhood, Lucid was finally complete.

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