Lords of Sealand

By March 2, 2018Music Artists
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Lords of Sealand

Lords of Sealand will be performing live and in concert at the 2018 XOXO Music Festival

Lords of Sealand is a San Francisco based tuneful Progressive Rock band with hooks for days and sass for miles. Their high-energy music weaves influence from progressive rock, post-hardcore, and jazz into thematically conceptual songs that groove through extended harmonic progressions and shifting time signatures. Melodies triangulate playfully between angular guitars and ethereal vocals, while the dynamic rhythm section is the rug that really ties the room together.

Lords of Sealand was formed in 2013 by guitarists Brent Curriden and Dakota Salazar, who met while studying classical guitar at UC Davis. By 2014, the band’s lineup was rounded out with the addition of vocalist Jon Illum, virtuoso bassist Evan Gritzon, and drummer Nick Moore.

The band’s releases include Motion (2017),  an epic four-movement single about the life cycle of plants, and Found Fiction (2014), an EP of songs inspired by myths and fables. Lords of Sealand is currently putting the finishing touches on their Debut LP, “Zs”, a literal dream-record of songs written about the band members’ dreams. Zs is expected to release in fall 2018.

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