Lee West

Lee West is a California-based hip hop artist born in the cornerstone of music, fine arts, and cultural diversification in San Francisco. It was there he first discovered his passion for music and began to develop his talents in creative expression and writing lyrics. Music has been a part of his family for generations, and with a love for lyrical composition and poetry, hip hop was a natural course of action for West.

Influenced by great musical icons such as LL Cool J, Nas, Tupac, and Jay-Z, West believes in deriving inspiration from the legends of the industry, never giving up, and pushing forward as hard as one can. For West, the ability to touch other people’s lives with his music as well as to relate to someone he has never met with the power of only his words are the greatest source of motivation. His music is filled with high energy and intensive moments with a sensual quality, topped with versatile lyrics and naturally flowing delivery.

Lee West has been building a loyal base of fans by performing, showcasing his talents, and participating in poetry slams in the Bay Area and Southern California, and aims to capture the attention of many more listeners. Being an entertainer and giving back to his community is something he would never give up, and he is grateful to pursue it every day.