The idea and concept of the Kryoman robot was born in 2005 early morning on a balcony in ibiza where Andrew Moore (CEO and founder of Kryoman) and 3 good friends (not to name names but they are now the owners of the world number 1 festival brand) discussed how cool it would be to be able to have a performer on stilts in a club and shoot cold gas at people. Later on Moore had a dream about the suit and began to create, not really knowing anything about electronics but a clear vision of the end game. Slowly but surely the Robots manifested becoming the most viral and copied onstage performance in electronic music history.

Later Kryoman teamed up with Cathy and David guetta and completed over 1000 shows in 52 countries on 3 world tours. During which he teamed up with the black eyed peas, Nikki Minage, Akon, Ludacris, Pitbull, Kelly Roland, Usher, to perform countless music videos and tour performances. In 2015 Kryoman teamed up with Steve Aoki to complete 2 US tours and designed the key elements for his neon future production.

Now Kryoman & his robots are focused on a solo production called Kryoman Live.