Jonesy album cover photo of band


Jonesy band cover photo

Jonesy brings rock roots with plenty of twists and turns.  Take Mark Jones – Marin County singer, songwriter…. introspective type. Add Tommy Lafferty, Axeman (Crown of Thorns, Voodoo X, Jean Beauvoir, From the Fire), Bay Area most-wanted Greg Dunn, Bass (The Rusty String Express, Afterglow, Lone Star Retrobates) and Tymber slammin’ the skins (The Deadlies, Slam Suzzanne, Creepy KOFY Movietime) & you get… Jonesy.

This San Francisco Bay Area original rock band comes out of Marin with heart, hope & smiles.   What’s the sound?    Melt your face melodies, free-flying highs and dig deep moods with some new dimensions and twists to great rock & roll that gets you on your feet.   Reviews of their recent release say “…it’s perfect for the scene—it’s what is MISSING now”. “Great playing, great songs, all around GREAT”.
Think The Eagles and Alice Cooper on tour with Marshall Tucker with some sprinkling of a James Taylor, The Who, Night Ranger and Tom Petty.  Some say Mark carries a little Jim Morrison spirit in him.

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