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Jo3ker performing live on stage

Jo3ker was born on September 22, 1990. His birth name is Joseph J Phillips III. Growing up in South-Side Chicago
was rough on him. There was both substance and domestic abuse in the home.
The moniker Joeker was created from combining both his father and mother’s name together Joe & Kerry.
In 2010 He enlisted for five-years in the United States Marine Corps and was honorably discharged in 2015.
Jo3ker uses music as a means of communicating and relating with people all around the world. Since he was thirteen years old, Jo3ker has used poetry and rhyme schemes to escape and share the stories of those around him .

Jo3ker now resides in San Jose, California. He is constantly creating and innovating as a writer and producer.
Jo3ker collaborates with artists from all over the world to produce a unique and compelling sound, whether it’s songwriting or producing music. After hearing it, you know he found his own sound.

Jo3ker will be performing live at the 2018 XOXO Music Festival
Jo3ker sitting on a bench posing for the camera