Eizlo is an up and coming rap artist out of Richmond California, located
in the Northern part of the state. Growing up in the Bay Area, he was
faced with struggles of poverty, drugs, murder and violence all around,
yet he always found solace in creating music. A drummer, song writer &
poet, Eizlo brings a strong and unforgettable performance each and every
time a stage is stepped upon.

Far from the normal Bay Area sound that is expected these days, Eizlo
mixes mainstream vibes with intricately crafted lyrics that are sure to
captivate rap fans young and old. If you’re tuning in expecting mumble
rap, then you are in for more than you bargained for.

Eizlo is an Independent Artist registered with BMI as a Song-Writer
and is proceeding humble and hungry ready to devour each and every
opportunity coming his way. Stay tuned for more to come VERY soon!