DreDayMackoveli is a recording rap artist from Omaha, NE, who began his music journey in 2014. Raised on a tough side of town he looked at music as an antidote to his daily life struggles. Growing around music his whole life, he decided that it was time to pursue his dream and make it reality. In 2014, he released 2 mixtapes just 3 months apart (Tattd & Tattd II) showing the world that he was coming and there was no stopping the success he was going to achieve.

With struggles in the rap scene in his hometown, lots of supports didn’t see a future in his dream; millions of people around the globe want to pursue a career in music. To say the least, the negative talk about his goals made him hungrier and more determined than ever before. He fed off of the negativity around him and put it into music. One year after his debut mixtape, he released his 2015 project “Diamonds&Gold”, with hits like “Ecstasy” & “Waves” it took parts of the south side of his city by storm; he then knew the time was coming.

2017 was a year to go down in history for the 20-year-old Omaha rapper. “WYA?” his most popular song to date got 10k+ views overnight and blew up in Omaha. In October 2017, DreDayMackoveli signed to International Record Label, Bentley Records and immediately began working on his first studio album. DreDayMackoveli doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon and will be releasing his debut album “Devilish Smile” in July 2018.