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Lael in a red jacket

Jeff Schneeweis’ humble musical beginnings began in sunny Chico, CA where he launched the Tooth and Nail Records rock project, Number One Gun back in 2002. With years of touring under both Number One Gun and his follow up project, Suspended Sunrise Records’, The Make – Jeff reached a point where it became time to take a rest from the non-stop touring schedules and spend time with his growing family – it was then that Lael was conceived.

The mononym under which he performs, Lael, is a project with no rules. Jeff will tell you it’s a project whose sole inspiration is his life-long love of music and the people around him. Known for its diverse array of sounds and haunting melodies, Lael has spawned a genre that might be almost entirely unique to just Lael -future pop using his skills honed as a producer on a variety of notable albums and releases – Jeff has applied them, liberally and diversely to his Lael releases – Clarity, Phoenix, and 2018’s Gravity – and with further releases planned for late 2018, Lael intends to further push the boundaries of what pop music can sound like.

Lael posing in a white t-shirt