Pierre “B.Nasty” Reed has released six albums since 2006. He has been freestyle battle rapping since 2008 to the present and also has been performing written battles since 2016 where he has competed all over the United States, twice in the Philippines and most recently in London. B.Nasty is also the CEO of the 9Quota Art & Music Awards which has been taking place annually for the last 7 years.  He organizes and promotes the event throughout the 925 area and has had advertisements for the event featured on BET, VH1, MTV, 106 KMEL, Ozcat Radio, Knocksmith Magazine, 1 World Magazine and Xplosive Magazine.

B.Nasty’s music can be found on all media outlets including: iTunes, Google play, Tidal and many more.  His latest single “I Need More” is currently in rotation on MTV in the Philippines along with a collaborative song titled “So Blown.”  He has a rap battle scheduled in September in Osaka Japan followed by another in Manila late December. B.Nasty has been a predominant force and a well it recognized artist in the East Bay area.

B.Nasty’s newest project titled “EASY2LOVE” will be available summer 2018. B.Nasty is also featured on the three most recent international collaborate releases of “Manilafornia” which was recorded, mixed and mastered in South East Asia. His most viewed music video “DTC” has over 280k views with other parodies following behind with impressive numbers.