Uriah Jacquez

By May 18, 2018Comedians


After sitting behind a computer screen for several decades as a techie-bot and without any human interaction whatsoever, SF Bay Area comedian and actor, Uriah Jacquez, felt the need for that human connection. What better way to do it than by performing in front of actual human beings.

Not only has he performed at Flappers, The Comedy Store, The Setup and Cobbs, you may recognize him in the movie Courage Under Fire where he plays one of multitude of extras getting blown up or shot at. Or you may have also seen him performing alongside with Diplo at the Treasure Island Music Fest as Major Lazer.

Based in Oakland, you can find Uriah doing comedy around the SF Bay area and LA, as well as, producing and hosting the Bomb Shelter comedy open mic in San Francisco, and the Zeus Down Show podcast.