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By April 19, 2018Comedians
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STROY MOYD’s energetic and eccentric brand of shattering assumption
comedy has made him a favorite at comedy clubs and campuses across the
nation. His resilience and dedication to his craft has not only made him
the three time champion of the Laugh Factory’s Fresh Faces comedy
competition. Stroy currently has two shows in production with Comedy

While most high school students spent their weekends at a house party
or at the local movie theater, Moyd was at the local comedy club. Moyd
got his first taste of stand up comedy at the tender age of 15 at an
open mic night at a cafe near his house. Even though his first attempt
wasn’t very successful, he was encouraged to write better jokes and come
back next week. When he came back, he killed. Moyd was born in Oakland,
California, on July, 30, 1987, to his parents Elsie and “Big Stroy”
Moyd Jr. “Big Stroy” was the clown of the family as Moyd remembers.
“Man, sometimes I would come home and see my dad telling jokes to all
of his friends and have all of them in stitches! I guess you can say I
inherited the ability to make people laugh.” Moyd always wanted to be
like his father. It wasn’t too long until he started cracking up his
classmates and getting sent to detention for trying rude jokes on his

With Oakland, California, being the second most dangerous city in the
country, Moyd’s parents decided to move out of Oakland in 2001. When
Moyd moved to Berkeley in 2001, he discovered his two passions in life,
stand up comedy and skateboarding. Soon after getting settled into
Berkeley, Moyd started performing in some of the biggest venues the Bay
Area has to offer.

Moyd has accomplished a lot with the help from only himself. His
accomplishments include hosting the 15 city tour entitled the ONE NIGHT
STAND TOUR, headlined by the Bay Area music groups _The Pack_ and _The
Cataracs_, the documentary is available online. He hosted UPN’s Speak on
It, a local television show for teenagers to make them aware of drugs,
violence, sex, etc., and he’s won a handful of local comedy

Originality means a lot in the entertainment industry. To stand out
from the rest of his fellow comedians, Moyd began making beats and
performing hilarious rap songs on stage. “At first I was really
nervous to perform funny rap songs because no one has ever done it
before, and I didn’t know how the crowd would react.” After he
performed his first single, “Asian Bitch,” well, the rest was
history. Dubbing himself as “The Prince of Comedy,” Moyd knows he
has a lot to learn. He dreams of speaking to millions of people through
his own comedy show Stroy T.V. on MTV one day. Moyd recently relocated
to Los Angeles to build a buzz and push his debut comedy/album that he
wrote, recorded, made the beats to, and produced, his own CD entitled
That’s Right, I Said It!

stroy performing live