Mark Smalls

By April 19, 2018Comedians
Mark Smalls on stage


Mark Smalls performing live

Mark Smalls could be one of the funniest comics you’ll see at XOXO. Some
people have even called him the best 27 year old white male comic
hailing from the Bay Area that still lives with his mother, that’s named
Mark. In addition to the funnies he has also been a top competitor in
Nickelodeon Guts and Legends of the Hidden Temple. Sliver snakes, bro.
Mark’s material ranges from adult themed humor to themed adult humor and
even touches on today’s society, of adult themes. A regular at Cobb’s,
The SF and Sac Punch Line and one of the most sizzling acts in the Bay
Area. Smalls has been opening for a lot of big names that will soon be
opening for him.

Mark Smalls holding a mic