Daymon Ferguson

By March 12, 2018Comedians
Daymon Ferguson headshot


Daymon Ferguson performing live

Daymon Ferguson has been described as “Cute as a button, if the button said Kill”. In reality this loving father and husband is just misunderstood. Born into an entrenched trailer trash tradition he went to law school driving a Camaro with a gun rack.  Law just didn’t fit as a career for Daymon, he’s a little to attached to ideals like truth and justice to have ever made it as a lawyer(he is also basically, lazy). Daymon’s high energy, sweaty outrage on stage is tempered by his love of the art of stand up comedy and profound appreciation for his audience.

Daymon is a regular at clubs all over the country and has been a featured performer in the Laugh Your Ashville Off and Laughing Skull comedy festivals.

Daymon Ferguson performing a live set