Official XO Music Festival Statement 07/11/2018

Dear Fans & Supporters,

We are deeply disappointed to have to announce that due to the venue canceling the XO Music Festival earlier today and in part due to the fact that there were some negative media reports targeting us, with which we strongly disagree. The XO Music Festival scheduled to occur ‪on July 13-15‬ will be postponed to another time to be announced at a future date.

Despite our best efforts to organize a fun event that would be enjoyed by thousands of people, the venues cancelation and the many negative media reports targeting the XO Music Festival unfortunately does not allow us to proceed with the festival at this time.

For months, our employees and agents have worked extremely hard to book artists, promote the festival, create marketing materials, secure vendors and otherwise do the things that are needed to put on a festival of this magnitude. For that, we are deeply thankful. We know in our hearts that the festival would have been a huge success regardless of this negative media causing lower that anticipated advance ticket sales.
Our team was fully prepared but unfortunately the venue would not allow us on the grounds.

We also thank those people that have purchased tickets to our festival. Refunds have already been processed as of early this morning via GrowTix our ticketing agent.

Please contact us direct at ‪‬ with any questions.

Thank You

XO Music Festival Team